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主題一: 台灣的業界趨勢台灣的機會在哪裡?

主題二: 如何改進英語發音

主講人: Dr. Debbie Chiu and PhD Student Haowen Jiang

日期:  3/11/2012 () 11:30am - 1:30pm

地點: Chinese Culture Center, Room 203, 10303 Westoffice, Houston, TX 77042

講座開放給學生與國建會會員免費參加  主辦單位會提供簡便午餐




隨著中國和南韓的商業起飛, 台灣企業的過去成功經驗模式已經不再適用了。再加上全球經濟的劇烈變化和台灣國內人口結構的改變也促使台灣業界隨之修正其圖存及繁榮的策略。


在美國及台灣工作最主要的差別是什麼? 如何準備及發展自己的職業目標

With the strong competition from South Korea and China, the past successful business model will no longer be able to repeat itself for Taiwan businesses.  In addition, the change in global economic dynamic as well as the change in domestic demographics forced Taiwan business to alter their strategy to survive and thrive. 

Where is Taiwan business going to?  How does the government come into play?  Is the market growing?  Can I find a job there?  Can I grow a career there?

What are the major differences between working in US and Taiwan? How can I plan my career to get where I want to be?




By introducing some basic concepts in phonetics and phonology, the speaker will show you some training techniques to improve English pronunciation.  Pronunciation training can be bottom-up and top-down.  The bottom-up training not only emphasizes the place and manner of articulation,  but also pays attention to common phonological changes, including aspiration, flapping, glottalization, vowel nasalization, and vowel reduction .  The top-down training, on the other hand, is comprised of three components, stress, linking, and pitch.

Speaker Brief Bio

Debbie Chiu目前任職於李長榮公司的商業策略和行銷副總經理,曾任職於美國Dow Chemical研發設計部的全球指揮長。Debbie目前定居於台灣且致力於台灣化學工業發展。

Debbie Chiu is currently the Corporate Strategy & Marketing VP with LCY Group.  Previously, she was the Global Director of Research and Development with Dow Chemical. Debbie is now relocated back to her home country to dedicate herself to Taiwan’s chemical industry.

江豪文目前是萊斯 大學語言學系的博士班學生,專長為台灣南島語及漢語言談分析,同時對一般語音學及聲韻學亦有濃厚的興趣。

Haowen Jiang is currently seeking a doctoral degree at Department of Linguistics, Rice University.  He specializes in Formosan languages and Chinese discourse, and also shows great interest in general phonetics and phonology


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